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4G LTE service on AT&T is now available with NET10 Wireless.

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NET10 Home Phone

NET10 Home Phone

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NET10's Wireless Home Phone provides high-quality home phone service with affordable domestic and international NET10 Wireless Unlimited Calling Plans. NET10 Wireless Home Phone is a cost-efficient alternative to existing landline service and includes GPS for E911 support. The battery backup provides uninterrupted service in case of a power outage.

* All the features you want are included
* No contract, no monthly bill and no activation fee
* Unlimited nationwide calling
* Keep your current number
* Rechargeable battery
* Voicemail, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, E011 and 411
* Take your NET10 home phone wireless with you to a new address
* Device has integrated GPS, providing authorities with approximate location of caller
* Consumers may register their physical address with local authorities, if desired

Home Phone Plans For Half The Cost*

Local and Long Distance Calling includes voicemail, caller ID, 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, E911 and 411 at no extra cost

Nationwide local and long distance calling plus International calling to over 1000 destinations including Mexico, Canada, India and other countries

NET10's Home Phone package contains:
* NET10 Wireless Home Phone device
* Rechargeable battery
* AC adapter
* Antenna
* Service Guide and Activation Card
NET10 Wireless Home Phone

To activate you must purchase a monthly plan and activate your service by clicking here.

The GPS chip in the equipment will operate only if you place the device near a window or other opening to the exterior of the premises. In the event of an emergency call to 911, you must be prepared to provide your address and exact location inside the premises as the 911 call center will NOT have your physical address and may not be able to determine your location. If the corded or cordless phone which you connect to the equipment requires external electric power to operate, your service (including the ability to make and receive 911 calls) will NOT be available during a power outage. Neither TracFone Wireless, Inc. nor NET10 Wireless, nor any of their affiliates, shall be liable for any service outages and/or your inability to access 911 emergency service personnel for any reason.

Equipment is not compatible with data services such as: home security systems, fax machines, DVR services, credit card images, or medical alert systems.New address must be within network coverage.

*"Half the Cost" claim is based on a leading national survey of average home phone costs. Survey conducted in 2012.

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