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BLU Dash 3.5

BLU Dash 3.5

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The all new DASH 3.5 offers users a sophisticated and palm sized Android phone that packs a punch. With its Qualcomm 1 GHz processor you can breeze through apps and movies. Sporting a 3.5" screen with a 2MP camera, you can snap, share and view pictures all day long.

BLU Dash 3.5

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Model: Blu Dash 3.5

Bands: 3G

Network bands: 850/900/1800/1900

O.S: Android 2.3

Settings loaded: NET10

Camera: 2MP

Display size: 3.5"

Touchscreen: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

Dimensions: 115 x 62 x 11.5 mm

Weight: 3.88 oz

Battery Standby time: 700 hours

Battery Talk time: 15 hours

Bluetooth: Yes

NET10 approved: Yes

Condition: Brand new

Embedded memory: 256MB

Removable memory: Yes

Keyboard: Virtual QWERTY

HAC Rating:

MMS: Yes


Email: Yes

Twitter: Yes

Facebook: Yes

Processor: Qualcomm 1GHz

Rugged: No

Network: AT&T or T-Mobile

SIM included: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year MFG

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  • Customer: David Wright
    Review of a similar phone, the BLU Dash 3.5 Music:

    Was weary of the low price and obscure manufacturer (BLU), but am so pleased with the phone. The phone arrives in an Apple-esque glossy smooth box, complete with screen protector, black gummy case, and pretty decent Skullcandy-like earbud headphones. What most attracted me to the phone on the web was the gimmicky yellow chrome design, fast processor, and front facing camera -- which were unbelievable to me at a sub-$100 price. The phone's bold color design is not really cheap and gaudy as I expected the "in person" reveal to be, as there are only stock photos to be found online. The casing is smooth and pearly luminescent, and I feel proud of this handset as a piece of technology that mirrors my personality and style. The phone runs surprisingly fast and glitch-free for the price, and does not take a punch from graphic intensive themes, gaming, widgets, or playing media. The battery could shockingly be it's most boastful feature -- juicing two days easily of moderate to heavy use...and that's without airplane mode for conservation (turning cell radio off during sleep). Just a very surprising experience for a smartphone and tech lover, who decided to go with something cheaper for once, and was not disappointed. From the box to my first weeks with the phone, I can say this Android cell is at a functional and glamorous peak for it's $90 price tag, and I would not feel jipped if I had payed twice that. Excellent!

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